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St. St. Constantine and Helena

  • Large apartments
  • Year-round outdoor thermal pool
  • Gasification
  • Ultra-modern underground two-story car park with charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Ecologic water threatment - Energywater - mineral water doctor
  • Yearly mantanence fee of €9/м2 exc. vat
  • High ceilings of three meters
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  • 6

    Parking lots

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Apartments in St. St. Constantine and Helena resort

Flavia Garden
Imperial waterfront luxury

Did you know that during the period of the Roman Empire the Emperors and their families used to have their residences closest to the sea? Their palaces could be seen from the seashore and the stunning views of the tall buildings, gardens and pools of the richest Romans were revealed before every arriving ship.

If in the past this was a privilege for only a select few, now times are different. So different, that we offer you the imperial luxury right at the seashore. Meet Flavia Garden - a waterfront lifestyle you can call your own.

When we talk about privileges that you can hardly find on the market, we are not exaggerating. We are pleased to present to you a complex that is located in St. St. Constantine and Helena resort and it is no coincidence it bears the name of Emperor Constantine's mother - Flavia Helena. The legend says that she was a connoisseur of all fine things, both for the eyes and the soul.

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How Flavia Garden impresses us immediately at first glance?
There are many unique advantages, but let's focus on some of the important privileges.

Year-round outdoor thermal pool

The outdoor thermal pool allows you to use the healing power of hot mineral water throughout the year. St. St. Constantine and Helena is a place famous for its spa hotels. However, you will have the advantage to benefit from this well-being therapy 12 months a year.

The complex is gas supplied

This is one of the biggest benefits of this project as gasification is the optimal solution for heating. Furthermore, the most luxurious residential buildings are gas supplied and this fact is emphasized in the first place. If you are not yet convinced of the benefits of gasification, surely you will quickly get used to the convenience it provides.

Ultra-modern underground two-story car park with charging stations for electric vehicles

Flavia Garden is a project that aims to use as many as possible environmentally friendly solutions. The special attention given to electric vehicles is due to the fact that more and more vehicle owners are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to gasoline. The garages in the complex are spacious and equipped with two types of air filtration. This allows for the rapid and extremely reliable absorption of harmful gases released from the cars and decreases substantially the level of negative emissions.

Ecologic water threatment - Energywater - mineral water doctor

Along with the thermal pool, which brings you the healing power of hot mineral water, Energywater® is a modern, highly efficient system that battles the negative effects of "hard" water. Mineralization is one of the keys for a healthy lifestyle, which soon you can call yours.

Really spacious apartments with really high ceilings of three meters!

Forget about the small rooms. Furnishing a small space could be a real challenge. The high ceilings allow for additional space, which is one of the reasons the old aristocratic homes look so good. Each apartment in Flavia Garden is a real architectural gem that will allow you to be creative in the interior design and express freely your style.

All of the above and many more advantages of Flavia Garden with an attractive maintenance fee of 9 €/m2 excluding VAT. The advantages at your convenience are numerous and below are some of a great importance:

  • Kids’ playground
  • Fitness center
  • Sauna and steam room
  • Monitor access
  • A park with authentic wood species, among them huge green pines. Relax zones, walking areas and many more.

If you are already considering investing in a home in Flavia Garden, it will be important for you to know that the constructions are starting now and the complex will be ready in 36 months.

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Flavia Garden consists of two entrances with 40 and 32 apartments respectively with an area of 40 sq.m. up to 400 sq.m.It is serviced with modern, quiet elevators for up to 8 people, with a speed of 1.6 meters per second. The apartments at Flavia Garden have 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms and studios. The building is distinguished by the fact that it offers large apartments with 3 and 4 bedrooms, which are unique not only for "St. St. Konstantin and Helena " resort but also for the whole region. The view from the high floors can really equate you to Roman senators and nobles.

The living areas will be built with high quality materials and the apartments can be delivered ready for finishing works or turnkey. The walls and ceilings of the apartments at Flavia Garden will be finely plastered and painted with neutral paint. Each apartment will have natural gas supply and a pipeline for air conditioning. A high quality, multi-point lock door will guarantee your safety and peace of mind. The space in the rooms is reinforced by the height of the ceilings and French windows, with a four-season 7-chamber aluminum profile thermal bridge-free. In addition we offer extras such as latest technology of electro installation, noiseless plumbing pipes, soundproof floor insulation.

We will not miss the fact that the apartments on the ground and first floor have their own garden, with beautifully arranged vegetation. Two parking lots in the underground garage could be provided for each apartment at Flavia Garden.

The facade of Flavia Garden will be completed with innovative new generation graphite thermal insulation – 10 cm expanded polystyrene, and lined with natural stone. The common parts will be finished with granite and railings as per the architectural design.

You can find details about the stage of completion by downloading the Flavia Garden Specification.

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Flavia Garden is your affordable gem in one of our finest seaside resorts, located only:

  • 16 km from Varna Airport
  • 9 km from Golden Sands
  • 50 m from Lidl Supermarket
  • 100 m from the bus stop
  • 8 km from Varna city center
  • 1.5 km from Varna Ecopark
  • 500 m from Aquahouse Thermal & Beach Spa
  • 600 m from "St. St. Constantine and Helena " Monastery
  • 700 m from VILLA CHINKA
  • 400 m from THE BAY
  • 450 m from the beach

The last says the most. Congratulations, you can now afford the luxury you thought was only possible in fairy tales.

Download building specification


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